How to set min max range of a channel/servo in C++

Hello, everything is in title, the sample of the SDK is very limited and I can’t find how to change the range of the channel in my program.



The --configure option of UscCmd allows you to change ALL of the settings of the Maestro. The C# code source of Usccmd is in the Pololu USB SDK so you could look at that to see how this is implemented.

But I think it would be much easier for you if you just set the Min and Max values ahead of time using the Maestro Control Center. Is there some reason you don’t want to do that?


I looked at the cs program and tried to find with that::

UscSettings^ settings=device->getUscSettings();

But next the only thing I see that can be that is settings->channelSettings is addrange but I’m really not sure and don’t know how to do…

Try settings->channelSettings[0].min and settings->channelSettings[0].max (or something like that).