How to set JRK Current Limit

I have recently installed 2 Jrk’s. I am very pleased with these units.

I am having difficulty understanding how the Motor Options - “Max current” and “Current calibration” settings work.
eg: I want to limit the motor current to 16 amps but what does the current calibration do? The explanation in the user guide is not clear ( to me! ). The Current calibration seems to change the Max current setting when loaded to the device?

Thanks for any advice


Hello Bruce. To set your current limit to 16 A, just type “16” into that Max current (A) box in the Motor tab and click “Apply settings to device”.

You should not have to worry about the current calibration setting unless you are trying to improve the accuracy of the current measurement of the jrk. You can leave it at its default value, which should work fine for you.


Thanks David,

I know it was a simple issue, but the calibration value is confusing. When I experimented by increasing the Max Current setting I found the Calibration setting limited the Max Current setting when applied to the device. A little confusing for the first time user. I naturally thought there must be some sort of scaling relationship between the Max current and Calibration.

I am supprised how cool the motors AND JRKs run, especially since I have fitted heat sinks to both the motors and JRKs. The JRKs are working very well indeed. Very happy. :smiley: