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How to remapping : Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v18 Shield for Arduino


Hello, my motor is linked to the motor2, and its worked great, but…since I have added a captor wich use a SPI, i’ve got some problems… I understand that I need to remapp the shield to works with others pin (the 3 instead of the 10 for exemple).
Do I change this value on the “DualG2HighPowerMotorShield.cpp” and “DualG2HighPowerMotorShield.h” files?

I hope you’ll understand my question, I know my english is poor (sorry).
Thanks a lot



You can specify the new pin mapping using the user-defined constructor in DualG2HighPowerMotorShield.h. For example, if you need to change M2PWM from pin 10 to 3, the constructor would look something like the following:

DualG2HighPowerMotorShield18v18 md(2,7,9,6,A0,4,8,3,12,A1);

- Amanda


Thanks a lot