How to Program pololu 3pi using arduino as isp?

I recently purchased a pololu 3pi robot and i am facing a bit of problem in flashing the code in the robot.I have an arduino dueminalove and arduino mega 2560 controller board.Can i can use any of these to flash my arduino program in pololu 3pi robot?


I am not entirely sure, but it sounds like you want to program your 3pi robot with the Arduino IDE. There are instructions for doing that inside the “Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment” document, which you can find under the “Resources” tab of the 3pi’s product page. In general, we recommend using an AVR programmer to do that, but if you program one of your Arduinos (or other MCUs) to act as an AVRISP programmer, you could use it as an alternate device to program your 3pi. If you decide to do that, I recommend reading through this forum post, which has some additional advice for that approach.



Thanks for your help!