How to get the position of a servo in

Hello everyone, I am doing an application in which the user is going to use a gauge to indicate the force it performs, the problem is that I have seen all the examples but I do not find any that indicates how to obtain the position or value of that gage and unfortunately the command GET POSITION, does not work and even seems to be that it fails to use it. Can someone help me with an example or what do I have to do to get the position? Thanks.


It sounds like you are using the Pololu USB Software Development Kit (SDK) in your application to control the Maestro. Is that correct?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by the Maestro failing to use the Get Position command? Can you post your full code here?

- Amanda


Yeah i use Pololu USB SDK to control the Maestro. Hopefully i find one topic on the forum that help me to find the answer of my question, now i know the position and can see it in a TextBox, it is what i want originally.