How to find whether the stepper motor is 12v or 24v?

i bought a bipolar stepper motor which has
phase current=450mA,drive frequency=50Hz, phase resistance 36 Ohm, step angle 7.5, and 4 wire connection type. but i dunno it’s 12v or 24v motor, how to find it?. thanks in advance


Can you post a link to the stepper motor you purchased?


From the datasheet, it looks like your stepper motor is rated for a maximum current of 450 mA, and given the coil resistance of 36 Ω, applying a voltage of 16 V will get you to that max current. If you are using a stepper motor driver with configurable current limiting, you should supply it with more than 16 V if you want to get the full 450 mA.


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many thanks, yes we’re using configurable controller and supply voltage is 24 V. Is it correct selection?

That voltage is okay when used with a controller with configurable current limiting.