How to Enable a Channel, NOT with the Control Center

How can I enable a channel (servo) using my own code. After A power outage the servos are no longer active unless I enable them via the control center or send a command of some sort. The manual indicates a start byte needing to be received before the channel is active???

I am using Serial UART fixed baud rate.
Mini Maestro 12.


  1. Do not have access to the controller and no USB connection.
  2. Using the unit blind
  3. the last position known or not needs to be returned after restart


  1. What is this command?
  2. Can I run a script or store parameters via script? So that a power outage does not make the servos go neutral after restart.


Hello JR.

I am not sure how you are controlling the Maestro; what kind of code are you writing? Unfortunately, the Maestro internal script does not have a persistent memory it can write to, so the answer to question 2 is no.


I guess I should check in more often or check the notify me thing at the bottom.

Anyway I do not think the code is relevant. But the answer is Python.

The issue is when I loose power and it comes back the servos are no longer enabled. If I poll them for current position I get garbage back. The only way to wake them up is to move them somewhere. If I do not know where they are I could get them hitting or perhaps binding with other objects. The way I do it now is via the control center, then they all shoot to center (something I hate also). If I had code to change the ‘On startup or error’ value dynamically I could use it as a home position and use the Go home command.
SO…Move servos at will then save as the ‘HOME’ value. This way any issues will send them to the last known location.

There are no serial or script commands for setting the home position of a servo. It is possible to set home positions using the UscCmd. However, if you are communicating with the Maestro using Python code, it would probably be better to have your Python code remember each servo’s last target and then send the same set target command when power is lost.