How to control 4 servos with 2 push button switches

I have 6 channels maestro, and connecting 4 servos.
Totally new at this, but I want to controll these servos with two switches.
The one is controlling the two linear servos , and the other one is controlling the others. I saw a brilliant video instructions on Youtube and read description about adding switches to the maestro. But I don’t have any good ideas that controlling 4 servos with 2 switches. Please help me.


I recommend reading the “Using multiple buttons or switches to control servos” section of the Maestro’s user’s guide, which has a script that demonstrates how to use the Maestro to control servos with multiple buttons. The Attaching Servos and Peripherals section explains how to connect a button or switch. You can find the user’s guide under the Resources tab of the Maestro’s product page. If you have any questions after reading through that, or run into any trouble getting your Maestro to work using those examples, feel free to describe your issue here in this thread. If you have written a script and it is not working, please post your entire script.


I will try to do that.
Many thanks.