How to Connecting 3 maestro 24


I have a questions,
It is possible to connect 3 maestro 24 controller using only 1 usb.
I assume you still need 3 power supply, but I just want to controller 3 board using 1 usb.

My laptop only has 2 usb ports.

Do I need to modified my C# code for connecting 3 mestro at the same time?

Thank in advance.


You can purchase a USB hub to get extra USB ports for your laptop - that is probably the easiest way to go. I have no idea what your code is like, since you did not post it, but you will definitely have to change some things to get it to control three different Maestros instead of one. If you are using our USB SDK, you will need to create three Usc objects, using their serial numbers to identify which one is which.

The MaestroEasyExample project in the SDK has a comment about how to do this in the connectToDevice() method of MainWindow.cs.