How to connect ACS715 Current Sensor to Mini Maestro?


how do I connect the “ACS715 Current Sensor Carrier 0 to 30A” to an Mini Maestro ?
I don’t want to make an mistake.

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There are various ways to “connect” these two parts, depending on what you want to do.

If you want to use the sensor output as an input to the Maestro, configure a port as an input, then connect the sensor the same as a potentiometer as shown in the diagram here. The +5V pin powers the device through VCC, the channel input connects to OUT, and GND must also be connected.

If you want to use the sensor to measure current through a servo, I recommend connecting your positive servo power line through the current sensor then into the servo, while leaving ground connected directly to the Maestro. That makes the power line available in case you want to use, for example, multiple batteries to power individual groups of servos, and a mistake on the power side is less likely to cause damage to other parts of your circuit.


An other question: What will happen if the current exceed 30A ? Will it get destroyed or just don’t measure values above 30A ?
The current could rise against 50-60A for a few seconds.


It will not measure values above 30A accurately. According to the datasheet, the ACS715 has an overcurrent transient tolerance of one 100A pulse for 100 ms. I don’t think what you are asking it to do is reasonable unless “few” means “1/10th.”

- Ryan