How do i use usb 16 servo controller in linux?

Hi, maybe there are another topic with this but i did not find any.

So i use archlinux and now i need to use my old servo controller again but this time in linux and i do not know how to do this. In windows i used serial port communication becouse the driver installed the controller that way.

But know in linux do i need to use serial communication again(i guess so) or can i use something else?

I used FreeBasic and a little bit of Visual basic in windows but know in linux i need to use c++ becouse i use it in my little project.

So my questions are how do i “install/configurate” my servo controller and if someone can give me some hints on how i need to programm this in c++ it will help me a lot.

well Marry christmass and a happy new year everyone, and sry for my bad english.


The USB 16-Servo Controller does not need any special installation under linux, as long as the usb-serial module is included with your distribution. Simply plug it in, and a serial device (probably /dev/ttyUSB0) will be automatically created for you. Look at the output of “dmesg” for more information.

We have a simple example linux project here.

It was written about five years ago, so it is a bit dated, but it will at least show you how to access the serial port in C. If you need further help, just do a google search on “linux serial port C” or something like that and you will find a thousand examples. You can also ask us here for more help if you cannot get it to work.

There is no interface other than the serial interface for the USB 16-Servo Controller. Our newer Micro Maestro also includes a custom USB interface that you can use for more direct control of the device.