How do I use the Usc.sln files to code a simple servo command?

I have gotten the Advanced Example to run and move my servo, but I can’t find where in the code it actually moves the servo from position 4000-6000-8000… and where the time delays are put.

Can someone show me where that sequence or script is written within the code?

I want to know how I can write C# code to move a servo with the pololu maestro board?


It sounds like you are referring to the MaestroAdvancedExample from the Pololu USB Software Development Kit. You can find the code for moving the servos is in the MainWindow.cs file, in the “RunSequence()” function. If you are having problems following the advanced example, you might consider starting with the MaestroEasyExample. There are C# implementations of both of those examples in the software development kit. If you have specific questions about writing your own code to control the Maestro, I would be happy to try to answer them.