How do I use a wiper motor like a servo, is this possible?

I am building a life sized prop and I want to have the torso of the prop rotate and raise the arms. For this to be done I realize a high torque servo or motor is needed to raise or turn the prop. I know that high torque servos cost an arm and a leg ($250.00ea) and I am not looking to spend that kind of money…it’s just not in the budget. I read that I could achieve the same control plus the torque needed by using a wiper motor. I would like to run servos and wiper motors using a servo controller. Is this possible and how?



You can build your own closed-loop servo system with a motor using one of our jrk motor controllers and a potentiometer for position feedback. The respective product pages and the jrk user’s guide provide information about using the jrk.

- Kevin