How can i read a feedback while driving a motor?

Hello everybody,

it is impossible for me to drive a motor and get a digital feedback from it.

I can get a feedback when i switch the feedback mode to digital. But then it is impossible to drive a motor(input mode: serial),
although i am able to change the current target. Even the blue Target line is changing by slide the scrollbar.

And If i put the feedback mode on (none) i can drive the motor but cant get a signal. (quite logical as there is no feedback mode)

Is there any possibility to drive the motor and get the feedback from it in the same time?

Thank you for your help!

Are you asking about the Jrk 21v3 in this thread? If so, you should explicitly say that instead of making us guess.

Are you claiming it is impossible to drive the motor when your Jrk’s feedback mode is set to “Frequency (digital)”? In this mode, the jrk will use the PID parameters (which you need to set) and the tachometer feedback to try to make the motor move at the right speed (it tries to make Scaled Feedback equal Target, as always). You probably haven’t set any of your PID parameters and that’s why the jrk doesn’t drive your motor when it is in a feedback mode. You should set your integral term to some non-zero value, and experiment with changing your PID parameters, PID period, and feedback scaling until your system is able to maintain its speed.