Hexapod and Mini Maestros

I’ve been working on a hexapod with 3DOF legs. I was considering getting a Mini Maestro for the servo controller and noticed that they can be programmed to run autonomously. Can they be programmed to run a hexapod alone or do they need an external miroprocessor board to do this? I noticed others have used the extra processor but I’d like to do it with a Maestro alone. The reason is due to my novice skills at programming. The Maestro control center makes it look easy.
Adding another board like an Arduino UNO and keeping track of all the bits and bytes for a Maestro looks a bit daunting.
Thanks for the help.


Yes, you could use a Maestro alone (no external microcontroller) to make a hexapod. Since the Maestro’s channels can be configured to read analog or digital voltages, you could add sensors that allow the hexapod to react to its environment, too. If you decide later that you need additional computing power, or would like to add sensors with different interfaces (e.g. I2C), you could always add an external microcontroller and send serial commands to the Maestro.


Thanks for the reply Jon. I’ll order a Maestro 24 controller soon.