Help with micro serial servo controller (with arduino)

I have been trying to get the micro serial servo controller to work with my arduino so that I can run a series of Victors 884 that take a PWM signal. But I have been having a lot of problem with getting the chip to respond to the signals that I am sending it from the arduino.
When the chip starts up it just blinks red while showing the yellow light. I have read in the docs that the blinking red light means that there is some error, but I have try the chip in many different configurations, such as through the rs-232 and the logic level. Before when I was testing on the rs-232 I was not getting any feed back, the yellow light would just show, even when I was sure I was sending it data. Having switched to the logic level and haven rewritten/modded the arduino software serial library to match the patterns it has started the red blinking that I am describing.
my Current test code:


In your initial RS-232 test, it is very likely that you were not sending data to the unit: you’ve indicated that it does indeed respond to the TTL serial line, and there is just a resistor and transistor between those two pins.

Your current error is indicative of fundamental trouble on the serial line. The user guide shows what the serial line should look like for one byte; you’re not doing that (your start and stop bits are inverted). Your questions mostly seem about doing software serial on the Arduino, so you should look around for some tutorials on that. I think there are some standard software serial libraries available, too.

- Jan