Help with fuses

I hear that the stall current could send your motor up in smoke. I understand that a fuse in the circuit would help save the motors. If I am correct, I need to add a fuse that rates a little less than the stall current? Now, I am using a servo motor (GWS S03T standard servo
). How do I measure the stall current for a servo motor? Can someone help me pick a fuse?



The stall current is typically around 1A. The difficulty is that you’ll need a fuse on every servo for it do anything: if you put one fuse on the power to the board, it can’t tell if it’s one servo drawing 1 A or four servos drawing 250 mA. Also, the current will spike when the servo moves against a load, so I suspect that it will be difficult to find a nice sweet spot between giving your servo enough current to do the job and keeping it from destroying itself. So, try to avoid stalling the servo!

To measure the current, put an amp meter in line with the servo power and push against it to see how high the current goes.

- Jan