Help with DC Motor Choice

I need a small DC motor that can spin a plastic sword weighing 2 ounces fast enough to make a juice box fall down with an effective hit.

The motor must be able to do this with a 180 degree rotation.

I am looking to find out how much torque, rpm and voltage the motor would have to be.

Please be as detailed as possible as I am not an expert with robots, thank you everyonefor your answers.

Hello, MattK.

You might find this blog post useful for helping you calculate your torque requirements. You can then use the comparison tables on our site to help you find a motor that meets your needs. (The “Compare all products in this category” link on each category page will take you to such a table.)

If you only need a roughly 180-degree back-and-forth motion, you might also consider using an RC servo as an actuator (which can be controlled with one of our servo controllers).

- Kevin