Help wiring MC33926 Motor Driver Shield with Linear Actuator

Good day!

I am new to working with electronics, but I am eager to learn and ambitious. Currently, I am working on using the MC33926 Motor Driver Shield with an Arduino Uno and connecting it to the LACT4P-12V-20 Linear Actuator with Feedback. I have looked through the user guide supplied with both products, and I am not certain how to connect the potentiometer wires to the shield. There are 3 wires: white (ground), yellow (V input), and blue (Rs output). They come connected to a 4-pin connector which I have removed for soldering purposes.

Using this image dual_mc33926_motor_driver_shield.pdf (981.7 KB) from the user guide, I connected the black and red wires for linear actuator power to M1A and M1B, which I am fairly certain is correct. The GND and VIN below that are connected to the 12v Li-ion battery I am using to power the project. I don’t have the jumper on the shield, so that I can power the shield and Arduino separately for now. However, having done that, I am completely uncertain where the potentiometer wires go! I don’t want to hook anything up incorrectly since unsoldering is a hassle and could damage things. Can anyone please help me out?

I appreciate any advice concerning connecting these items! Thank you!


Your motor channel connections sound correct. You want to connect the potentiometer V wire (yellow) to 5V on the Arduino, the potentiometer GND wire (white) to the GND pin on the Arduino, and the output wire from the potentiometer (blue) should be connected to one of the analog pins on your Arduino that isn’t being used. You can use the pass through pins on the shield to connect to the pins on the Arduino. The output of the potentiometer of the linear actuator can be read as an analog voltage that corresponds to a position of linear actuator.