Help programming Jrk 12v3

I have a Jrk 12v3 motor controller that I am trying to get to drive my actuator. The board is connected to my laptop through USB, which is running Windows, although I will eventually use a Linus board to drive the controller. I am new to C# and am having trouble writing code to interface to the board. I want to send commands to the Jrk controller to be able to move my actuator. I am not sure what, or how to do this. If anyone one would be able to provide me with some sample code, or help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Have you downloaded the Pololu USB SDK?

It has source code for two programs, JrkCmd and JrkExample, both of which are capable of sending commands to the jrk to drive your actuator. Have you seen these programs?


Thank you for your response. I have seen the SDK, and i have looked at both the Example and the Cmd. The example looks to be more of a gui environment, whereas I wish to either write or append code to drive my actuator, code which will run autonomously without my input. I am not sure how to use the Cmd one, do I just add code within main, or write my own file that invokes the JrkCmd class? Is there also any other way to just send data, through the USB, to the motor driver to drive and stop my actuator? Thank you

You can do it either way. It will probably be easier for you if you make your program by modifying JrkCmd instead of making a new project, because that you won’t have to figure out how to configure Visual Studio correctly.

Sure. If you don’t need a particularly fast response time or many updates per second, then you could simply compile JrkCmd and then write your own program in any language that invokes JrkCmd (i.e. it would run JrkCmd every time it wants to send a command to the jrk).

You could also use the jrk’s virtual COM port.