Help needed to choose Suitable Motor Controller

I have a project to to build which little bit similiar to Robotino from festo.
but, instead using three omniwheels, i will use four wheels(mecanum Wheels) and control each wheels independently.
and all process will be perform by motherboard (under Linux OS) installed in my fours mecanum wheel robot.
The WLan stick XBOX 360 will be used to test the control of our robot.
The reason i use motherboard is to apply the ROS application in our robot later on.

So that is little bit of my robot description, so my question are :

  1. i want to control four DC motor (only speed and direction) independently , and i consider to use two Pololu 2s1210.
    Is it the best choices to use this motor controller? because later on, i will try connect the motor controller with “other devices” (maybe Labjack) to have interfacing connection through USB to motherboard under LInux OS.
  2. i would be happy if there are any new idea for connection of motor controller to my motherboard.
    let assume my Ampere and Voltage requirement of DC motor suitable for this motor controller.

Glenn William


I don’t think you’ve provided enough information for me to be able to say if the qik is the “best” choice for your application, but it should work fine for you if your motors are appropriate and you can generate the required TTL serial commands.

By the way, have you seen our Simple Motor Controllers? You would need one for each motor, but they can be controlled over USB directly and they have some features that the qiks do not (though they lack the qik 2s12v10’s current-sense/current-limiting ability). The SMC 18v15 is the most similar to the qik 2s12v10 in terms of operating voltage range and output current.

- Ben