Help...Need to make a wireless robot with cam

hi all. I’m a beginner.

i need to build a robot driving to wheels.

controlled wirelessly through a laptop

and need to have atleast 4 channels

transmit video from 2 cameras to the laptop(range 100m)

presently i’m using arduino to control the robot.

please suggest me what i can use to make those above possible.

i lesser range will do.


I am also curious about about this.

Does anyone have experience with putting a wireless video camera on a robot and controlling everything from a PC?

The easiest way I’ve seen people do this is by putting a netbook with a webcam and a WIFI card directly on the robot chassis.


I’ve wondered this myself, I have a way to control the robot via a normal rc controller but the camera is a puzzle to me. A netbook is a really good idea as you would have so much control over the robot however if your trying to make a really small robot then you would be out of luck. I taught i’d be able to get some sort of small wireless security camera cheaply but it’s a no go as far as I can find.

Ive just made one in fact

using a Yellowjacket arduino with built in wi-fi and Trex Jr motor controller and a rp-5 chassis. Used a wireless 2.4ghz cam

Very cool! Can you tell us more about your project?

- Ben