Help Getting Started

I’m a retired computer programmer and am pretty good with VB. I understand servos, but have no experience. I’m building an n-scale (1:160) amusement park and need to use servos for some repeating pre-programmed movement. I’m looking at the Maestro controller. Can someone point me to resources here that will get me started? i know you cannot tell me how to do it, but I don’t even know where to start looking.


Hello, Jay.

Have you looked at the user’s guide for the Maestro? It can be found on the Resources tab of the product pages for the Maestros. The guide goes into detail about what the Maestro can do and how to work with it, and since you will probably want to use the internal scripting feature of the Maestros to automate your movements, you might find the Example Scripts section (6.c) particularly helpful.

- Kevin

I did find that after I looked around some more. Thank you, and thank you to all the users who didn’t yell RTFM.

I am looking for something else I haven’t found yet. It is - can I load a script into the maestro controller, turn it off, disconnect the power, then later turn it back on and have it start the same script again? Or do I loose the script when I power it off? I can’t seem to locate that information, although the maestro specs kind of imply that.

Hello, jaymorrow. Yes, the Maestro script is stored in the flash memory on the device. It will be retained while the power is off and if you enable the “Run script at startup” option then it will automatically start running whenever the Maestro is powered on.