Help for configuring the jrk to accept serial commands

Hi all, I am totally new/noob with the jrk here, I am using the jrk 12v12 and I am trying to control it using serial commands from my arduino. I made the arduino send out forward and backward serial commands according to the compact protocol, and everything works when I have the usb plugged in. However, as soon as i disconnect the usb from the jrk, it stops accepting commands, and the battery to the jrk is still connected, is there some configuration that needs to be done for the jrk to work alone?
Thanks in advance guys.

Hello, syau.

The jrk needs no special configuration to work without USB. What are the yellow and red LEDs on the jrk doing when it is in this bad state? Could you plug the jrk back in to USB after it is in the bad state and see if there are any errors indicated in the Errors tab? You didn’t really give much information about your system, so what power supply are using?