Help Configuring servo rotation from 90 to 180 deg


I am using a torxis i00600 servo and need to reconfigure that servo to turn 180 degrees. It currently turns 90 degrees. I have the Pololu jrk v.1.3 software installed and have successfully connected it to my servo. I do not understand any of the parameters or the math that will allow me to get 180 degrees from my servo. I simply need to know what parameters to change to get from 90 degrees rotation to 180 degrees rotation.

Thank you


The minimum and maximum settings in the “Feedback” section of the Pololu Jrk Configuration Utility software are probably the settings to be adjusted, but we do not have any specific values to recommend for that motion. Please note that it is possible to incorrectly configure the jrk, accidentally drive the Torxis servo beyond its physical end stops, and damage it. You might consider contacting GearWurx, the manufacturer of the servo, directly to see if they have recommended values for safely increasing the range of motion.