Help Configuring Roboclaw 2x15


I just received my Dagu Wild Thumper 4WD and a Robo claw 2x15.

I connected the power wires to the unit, but I don’t know how to follow, I read the roboclaw manual but I don’t understand anything.

There is any manual, to set up the Thumper with the roboclaw and the radio configuration? or anybody that could help to me?




We do not have a specific examples showing how to connect the RoboClaw to the Wild Thumper. You can find a connection diagram for RC receivers and the RoboClaw under the “RC Wiring Example” section of the RoboClaw user’s guide.

The “Control Modes” section of the same user’s guide shows how to set the input mode for RC signals.

You might also find these instructions helpful in setting up your RC receiver.

If you post a wiring diagram of how you intend to connect your receiver, I would be glad to take a look to see if it seems reasonable.