Help: c# Maestro 24 read Analog signal and servo position


c# Maestro 24 How to read Analog signal and servo position.

I manage to get controlling the servo target, and change the speed.

I look at some code example and I am not getting it how to read analog signal and servo position.

Now I need to do two more things.
How to read analog signal to channel 0.
How to read servo position to channel 3.

Any help in C# would be great.
Thank in advance.


I just figure how to do the reading position for the servo.
ServoStatus[] servos;
usc.getVariables(out servos);

        PositionTextBox.Text = servos[0].position.ToString();

Now I just need to read analog input.
Any idea how to do in C#

After you have configured Channel 3 as an input using the Maestro Control Center, then just use this expression in the program above in order to get the input value: