HELP 1/3. 4x4

I jave made a huge 1/3 scale 4x4 out of a quad bike i have two ps-050 servos i need a arm or horn for one they r ratted for like 102kg every one i talk to says good luck im in brisbane australia


We carry a metal servo horn for the Power HD Giant Servo HD-1235MG, but I suspect that it will not work with your servo since different servo brands often use different servo splines. You might try searching ServoCity for servo horns.

By the way, your project sounds cool. If you feel like sharing, you could post about it in the Share Your Projects section of our Forum.

- Grant

I need a servo that can handle 8.4 or 12v

The only servos we carry that are rated for those voltages are the Invenscience Torxis Servos. You might also try searching ServoCity for more servos that might work for your application.

- Grant