Heatsink and fan for jrk12v12

Hello all.

which heatsink and fan do you recommend for the jrk12v12? (md03a chip), I need the best cooler system.

Thank you!


We don’t have much experience adding heat sinks to our drivers, and we don’t have anything specific to recommend to you. I think the ultimate solution will depend a lot on your particular installation and power requirements. Obviously, the bigger the heat sink you can fit, the more heat you will be able to dissipate. If you do find a good heat sinking solution, we’d love to hear about it.

- Ben

Thank you for answer Ben.
I am trying to build a DIY heatsink cutting and modifing a “cooler master” cpu heatsink (alluminium) using the fan included.
Not again tested but some other guys already made a similar thing with great results.

I need it 'cause I am using the jrk12v12 with DC 12v 25amps (max) electric winch.My jrk is pretty stressed and In some moments my winch ask more than 12amps so I get my jrk heats.

I can tell you that other guys are using the jrk12v12 as me (pure war for the little card…)and with the DIY heatsink+fan they have all under control :slight_smile: