Heads Up Display


I wanted to created an heads up display application for smartphone (it has 3 axis accelrometer & magnetometer).
Could some one explains the basics of heads up display?
something I know that it should have a compass , tilt (pitch & roll) , GPS position information.
But I don’t understand some of the stuff I see in sample picture (navigationapps.com/wp-content/up … yglass.png)
I dont undertood what is ‘35UMA88…’ understood for…
Also what is the triangular thing, is it for measuring tilt on x axis ?

Could anyone tells where can i find details of it.


Ok After some googling I found some information,
Like Lat/Long their are other ways to represent a position on earth.
MGRS is one of them , en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MGRS

To know the details of a aricraft heads up display, you can see
gearthblog.com/blog/archives … guide.html
Also to experience it, use Google Earth Flight Simulation mode, and you can choose aircraft and airstrip to fly from, interesting try it…