H bridge heat sinks

i just received two 36V20 motor contorllers. I wanted to verify that the mosfets did not need electric isolation. I am planning to mount them upside down screwed onto an alluminum enclosure using themal paste after lapping the encosure smooth and tapping the mounting holes.
The linkk to the enclosure is listed below.


In general, the black casing on MOSFETs like the ones in the 36v20 are electrically isolated. However, it is safer to ensure that the thermal paste you are using is not conductive.

Please note that this motor driver has no over-current or over-temperature shut-off, so by drawing excessive current from them you risk permanent damage to your motor driver. Also, this is a high voltage and high current sourcing device, so please be sure to take proper safety precautions, such as disconnecting power whenever you modify your setup.