GWS35 continuous rotation servo , circuit board donor

can you tell me if the GWS35 continuous rotation servo has a circuit board that i can use to act as a ( esc/power supply) between my reciever and micro metal geared motor ? thanks, gus


It should, but it should be about the same as what is in any standard servo, so you would probably be better off using the electronics from a cheaper, standard servo (e.g. Power HD 3001HB).

- Jan

So am I correct in thinking both of these servos have only circuit boards controlling the motors and no other electrical componants , like pots or resistors. The one that I used had the 3 wire futaba harness going to board and 2 wires from board to motor , no other electronics , gus

The normal servo definitely has a pot that you would have to put in the center of its range or replace with a pair of resistors. I am not sure what is in the continuous rotation servo, but there might be a pot there, too.

- Jan

all i can tell you is that the cr servo that i took apart had only the circuit board ,very simple , is there any way you could find the drawings of the cr servos that polopu sells and find out if this is the way they work ? Also , can i run 4 t-rex jr’s using one lipo to power and command 7 micro metal motors ? and if i can what would be the best way to connect , or is there a better option ? thanks gus

The S35 I looked at has a surface-mounted potentiometer on the PCB, so it should be very straightforward. However, the motor is soldered directly to the PCB, so getting it off might be a bit of a pain depending on how good you are at desoldering.

As long as your LiPo battery is of sufficient voltage (2 or 3 cells in series is the only thing that would make sense for your application), and can supply the current you need, you can connect however many TReXes that you want to it. I am not sure what you mean by “best way to connect”; they have to be in parallel (i.e. each TReX power and ground input is connected to the battery positive and negative terminal, respectively).

- Jan