Grid solving

can anyone give some techniques to solve this problem

i have to make an autonomous bot which can reach the destination following the lines in 5*5 grid.
there will be some danger pts and some check pts in the grid. the bot have to avoid danger pts and cross all the check pts.
the cordinates of danger and check pts will be given to it at start, wirelessly.
please suggest some method to decide the path of bot.
more details are given at:



This sounds a bit like a small traveling salesman problem, where you have a number of places you want to visit and you need to compute the shortest/fastest route that accomplishes this. I suggest you use your knowledge to modify your concept of the course (i.e. eliminate grid segments that touch a danger point), and then use something like Dijkstra’s algorithm to get the shortest path from where you are to each checkpoint.

I don’t know if you have a bot already made or if you need to make one on your own, but if not, it sounds like our 3pi robot would be well suited for a task like this. I’ve turned mine into a fast, looped-maze solver, which is very similar to what you’re trying to do.

- Ben