GM10 Motor and gearbox


I’m new to this forum and am wondering about the limits on the GM10 Pagermotor and gearbox. I have animated a sign which turns 45 degress and back and have modified the stops on the gearbox and also removed the centering spring. My design works best with only .5 volt applied to the motor. The voltage is reversed via a DPDT relay The gearbox is designed apparently to “slip” like a clutch at the higher voltages, but my motor only stalls with the low voltage applied. How long before or will this harms the motor? I have another part of the sign which uses AC or dc power to flash lights. ( the circuit puts out dc power to the led’s.) It turns on via a current sensing “donut” . Would it make sense to purchase a new relay with a current sensing pick-up to turn off the dc power to my little motor when the ac board is off? I really don’t need the GM10 to hold anything via the spring or voltage constantly on. Any help is appreciated. The GM10 really is a nice little set-up.



It’s generally not good to keep motors stalled, and even if the clutch activated, keeping the motor turning through that would not be good, either. However, given the very low voltage you’re using, it might be okay. If the cost of your more complicated setup is more than the motor, it might be worth skipping it for now, and going that route only if the motor burns out. Is the motor getting warm or hot?

- Jan

Hi Jan:
No it doesn’t seem to be getting hot, but as it is a part that I don’t want to deal with down the road, I think a “timed” relay would work. The relay has an inductive type donut /coil that activates it when the lights on my crossing flasher activate. It will stay on for a time I choose, then turn off and reset. When the lights turn off the realy is activated again and will bring the sign back via the polarity change (DPDT relay wired to change polarity). Thanks for the reply. I’m looking forward to more purchases!