Glide moving

Good day to all.
Have a problem and can’t understand what wrong…
I’m using Mini Maestro 12, Servo SR811, Adapter for 5V (~1A) and software Pololu Maestro Control Center. On servo i connect laser (just to see glide moving). If i want to move from minimum point to maximum on high speed it’s moving perfect. If i choose slowest speed (1), i see that laser point moving intermittently (jumping moving). So if i set high speed with acceleration 1, i see that servo start moving slowly glide that speed going to grow.
Also have motor SM-S4315R and its moving really glide on any speed. Servo and motors have likely chips.
Please help to find resolution. Really need servo moving slowly point to point.

PS: yellow LED always blinking

Hello, funtus.

I’m sorry you are having trouble. If I understand you correctly, when you use the SR811 and set speed=1, acceleration=0, the laser moves slowly but its movement is intermittent and jumpy. This could be a power problem, so you might want to try a power supply that can deliver more current. This could also just be a normal property of the servo, so you should try a few other types of servos and see if you can find one that moves more smoothly.

I don’t understand “Servo and motors have likely chips.”