Getting up and running with the Pololu 36v4

Reason for posting
I am hoping to get some guidance as I attempt to get going with the Pololu High Power Stepper Motor Driver. I have made connections to the best of my ability based on the info available and am simply using the example code available through the Arduino library, which I have installed. I am essentially seeing nothing happen. I upload the example code to the board (I’ve tried both BasicStepping and BasicSteppingSPI), connect the power supply, but I don’t see or hear anything happening; additionally, using a multi meter I don’t see any voltage on the A/B motor outputs.

My setup
I am using an Arduino Uno, 12V 5A DC power supply, Pololu 36v4 High Power Stepper Motor Driver, and a bipolar NEMA17 stepper motor. Please see my image to see additional spec info and the connections I have made.

Any suggestions or insights are greatly appreciated!


From looking at your list of connections, it seems like you are missing required connections from your logic power supply to the stepper motor driver’s nSLEEP and IOREF pins. You might look at the “Using the driver” section of the product page description which has wiring diagrams that show these and the other required connections.

If you continue having trouble after you make those connections, can you please post some pictures of your setup?


I’m not the OP, but I’m having the same problem, same driver, and a NEMA 23 motor in bipolar mode. I tried both SPI mode and step/dir mode, but nothing is moving. I’ve got it hooked up to an Arduino, current limit set to 2000, and a 12V, 1200 mA wall wart. The wart is supplying 17V at the source, 16V at the connector, and 10V from the board, but the motor isn’t budging. I’ve got all the connections set up as shown on the driver page. Any help?

Hello, Adria.

Have you tried running the unmodified example sketches from our High-Power Stepper Motor Driver library for Arduino? Could you post some pictures that show of your connections?

Also, you mentioned a 12V, 1200mA wall wart as your power source, then claim that it is outputting 16V; is that correct or was that a typo? Can you be more descriptive about where you are measuring each of those voltages?