Getting setup for me

Hey guys,
I’m a noob with actual circuit boards and stuff.

Basically I have seen a few different videos of paintball sentrys. I started writing my own motion detection code and am pretty much done. I want to pickup a couple servos and serial servo controller. I will be buying from Pololu so I figured this forum would be the best place to ask.

From research and Colin Karpfinger’s guides these would be the best choice: x3

and I have no idea what battery would be best. I’m not looking to spend boat loads or make something state of the art. I just wanna jump into this and start playing with robotics via my computer.

So please all recommendations are awesome (my code is in C#)

Thanks Jon


You should use a 4- or 5-cell NiMH battery pack or a 6V lead-acid battery. We have some 4- and 5-cell packs, but they are probably too small for your application. You can get bigger ones at most hobby stores, or you can get a battery holder and use regular rechargeable AA cells. 4 cells will generally be easier to deal with for charging if you’re using individual cells.

- Jan