Get Moving State using VB6 and MSComm

I have been using Visual Basic 6 and the MSComm control and have been able to successfully run several of the serial servo commands listed in the documentation for Maestro.

But, I cannot seem to get the “Get Moving State” to work correctly. I have been able to get the “Get Position” command to work successfully and have been able to receive the returned position data from this command call. But, when I call the seemingly simpler “Get Moving State” command, I only get a zero value returned all the time - even when the servos are physically moving around.

Do you know of any issues that prevent the “Get Moving State” from working? Do you have any examples in VB6? Are there any properties settings I need to make to the MSComm control? Let me know. Thanks.


There is no way for a servo controller to know that the servos are still physically moving around, because they do not send any data back to the servo controller - all that Get Moving State does is tell you whether the position signals sent to the servos are limited by speed or acceleration settings or whether they have already reached their targets.