Get min/max channel values on maestro 24 via serial commands

Is there a way to get the min and max values stored for a channel via serial commands?

I have the following problem: I’m using a windows joystick to control a few servos. The servo controller will be installed in the model and the min/max values will be configured via the control center to fit the servos used. But without knowing these values in my program I have no way to make the full swing of the joystick match a full swing of the servos. I really want to avoid to have to read the values from the control center and manually enter them in my program every time I connect different controller (because the model will be used by “normal” users alot and it would be very error prone if they had to do these steps).


You might try using the 8 bit set target commands (Mini SSC protocol) to set the position of your servos. This allows you to set a target position value according to the range and neutral settings stored on the Maestro for that channel. By doing this, the PC software wouldn’t have to know anything about the min and max settings on the Maestro. You can find more information about this command in the “Serial Servo Commands” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

Alternatively, you could get the min and max setting from your Maestro using its native USB interface through the UscCmd or through your own software.

- Grant