Freeing up Com Port 1

I want to use a Pololu Serial 8 servo controller and the Animaltronics software. They require using Com Port 1. When I go to Device Manager it tells me that Com Port 1 is “In Use” but I cannot determine by what device so that I can change it. How can I figure out what is onCom Port 1?



You can actually over-write whatever is using that com port. On device manager right-click whatever you want to use COM1 and select properties. In properties select the port settings tab and click on advanced. There you can select the port you want to use and it will say something is using that port when it asks if you wanna over-write it click OK. This will make it into COM1. If you dont’ know what is connected to COM1 and you don’t think there is anything you should be OK. Just beware that you are over-writing the use of that port and if there was anything that was using it will no longer work. That said, windows usually says some COM ports are in use when they really aren’t