Forward/Reverse drive of 4V DC motor with Maestro SC

Is there a method to control a 4 volt DC motor (forward and reverse) directly from the Maestro (using a single channel)? I have assigned one channel for 40mm Cannon Elevation (thinking I would be able to use a servo for that function).
When I got to looking at the mechanical configuration of my 40mm Cannon elevation control, I discovered that I would not be able to use a servo to accomplish the +/- change in the elevation. I do have enough room in the elevation gear train to add a very small DC motor and planetary gear to drive the elevation. So, I have added slip rings on the Pan drive gear to get the DC power to the elevation motor with wires run up the torque tube.

The first picture shows the full cannon mount that rotates (Pans) left and right. In the second picture (I know its a little busy), shows the cannon (orange) that needs the elevation via the spur gear. I have omitted the cannon side mounts and elevation gear drive housing as well as the base deck plate.

I’ve used 70 channels of the 72 channels available on 3 servo controllers in my design.


It is possible to control a brushed DC motor from the Maestro, but the Maestro cannot directly control the motor. You will need an additional device like a motor driver or ESC in between the Maestro and motor.

- Grant