Firefighting, Robot Expo, Maker Faire

A few weeks ago, SHARC, FRR, and Club Workshop here in Denver put on a mini Maker Faire, robot Expo, and attempted a firefighting competition.

Some really cool things like Roomba commanded by patterned flash cards, a butler robot with obstacle avoidance and voice recognition, RC tank, air canon powered by stationary bike, cellphone controlled robots, and loads more. Really a great time! Teaser pic:

Here’s some more pics and write up on my blog

The firefighting didn’t quite happen; only two robots were functional in any sense… and only mine (Pokey) was able to demo (albeit with remote control) finding the candle flame… it couldn’t put it out because I goofed up my fan motor driver circuit design. :frowning:

Hey! Thanks for the post. That seems like it would have been fun to attend! Nice blog btw :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Was definitely a fun time!