Feedback from Servo controller

I am using Mini Maestro servo controller to drive ESC , is there any way to know if the signal send using the servo controller worked ? or simply do ESC provide some feedback to servo controller which we can use ?


ESCs do not typically provide any kind of feedback back to the controller.

Is there a reason you suspect the Maestro is not sending the correct signal? If you are just looking for a way to check that the signal is what you expect, you could look at it with an oscilloscope.

Alternatively, you could program a separate microcontroller such as an Arduino to read the signal and compare it to what the signal should be. However, to do that, you would need some way to tell the Arduino what signal it should expect, and if the Maestro is your main controller, the expected signal would also be coming from the Maestro, so the Arduino would not be able to tell if something was wrong with the expected signal.

You could also try adding some feedback to the motor (such as a tachometer or encoder) to test that the motor is actually physically doing what the Maestro is telling the ESC to do.