Explain 'range' and it's relation to 8-bit or 7-bit position

I’m using the micro serial servo controller.

I’m trying to understand what is meant by range and the difference between 8-bit and 7-bit positions.

After setting the range to 31, using command 2, the values 0 - 127 seem to correspond to angles of 0-180 on the servo.

Using the default (15), values 0-127 correspond to angles of 0-90.

My current best guess is that servo position (in degrees) = (range setting/31) * 1.40625*(value between 0 and 127)

(or some similar function that maps directly to pulse width instead of degrees)


The 8-bit command will just give you twice as many possible positions, with the same angular resolution, so that with the same range setting, you’ll get twice as much range with the 8-bit command. The exact mapping to output angles will vary from servo to servo.

If you’re using this with a computer or any other powerful processor, you should just use the absolute mode and do any parametrization in your software.

- Jan