I am currently working on designing an autopilot for autonomous quadrotors that we will be using for research at my university. What we would like to do is run the autopilot off of a gumstix processor. We would like to use castle creation phoenix 125 speed controllers and we would like to control them off of a serial port from the Gumstix. I was wondering if Pololu offered a board that would allow us to communicate with the ESCs through the serial port? I would like to be able to control the servos without having the overhead of the actual direct servo communication on the gumstix. Most of the options the Pololu offers seemed to bypass the ESC and connect directly to the servo, for us this is not the preferred embodiment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Brad Barger


It sounds like you’re describing our micro serial servo controller. You send it serial commands, and it generates the servo (or ESC) control pulses.

- Jan