End of line QTR Sensors


Hopefully just a quick one. Why were the QTR-1RC sensors discontinued or maybe a better question is what is better about the newer QTR sensors?

Many thanks


You can buy the pack of two instead: Pololu - QTR-1RC Reflectance Sensor (2-Pack)


It sounds like you might have been looking at our old QTR-RC Reflectance Sensor product page, but as bidrohini mentioned, that sensor is still available in packs of two here. Those sensors (as well as the rest of our older QTR sensors) are active products, and we do not have any plans to discontinue them.

Our newer generation of QTR sensors have several improvements over the older boards. The new sensors feature interfaces to configure the LED brightness, and we have “QTRX” versions available with a higher-performance sensors with lenses on the IR emitters and phototransistors which provide similar performance at a much lower IR LED current. For more detailed information, I suggest reviewing the “Second-generation QTR/QTRX sensor array details” section of the Pololu QTR Reflectance Sensor Application Note.

- Patrick