Enabled servo

I’m using compact protocol to control servo motor
I success to disable servo motor bysetting the Channel to 0
But i can not find how to enable it without moving it
Any idea?


It sounds like you are using one of our Maestro servo controllers to control your servo(s). If so, you would need to store the last position command the servo channel was given before disabling it in your code. Then to enable the channel without moving the servo, just send a position command with the same saved value.

- Amanda

Thanks for you help
But is there a command just to enable the servo like the Check box in the maestro servo controler ?
Thanks again

No; there is no single serial command that just enables a servo channel without risking some movement. The Maestro Control Center saves the last position sent for all configured servo channels and when the Enabled box is checked the last position is just re-transmitted.

- Amanda