(easy?) Question about DRV8825

I have a quick question that I know will be easy to answer…

I am making something that daisy-chains 6 steppers that work in sync (each has its own DRV8825).

I was just wondering if the on-board POT that sets current-limit might have any effect on the synchronicity “drifting” over time if they are not all set EXACTLY the same (?).

I doubt it would, but you never know…

I could replace the POT with a fixed resistor if anyone thinks this (could) be a potential issue…



Hello, Christopher.

A step is a step. If you have all motors move a certain number of steps, they will all be in the same location. Occasionally, a motor will miss a step if the load is too large compared to the torque available by the motor. The current limiting potentiometer might play a role in how much torque is available; however, as long as the potentiometers are in about the same location in the six motor drivers, you could expect similiar behavior in the six steppers.

- Jeremy

Thank you!