Dual vnh5091 and Servo motor

I am using the dual vnh 5019 motor driver on the arduino uno in the bb8 robot project. There are 2 engines in the robotics and they work seamlessly with android via bluetooth. Now I want to install 1 servo motor in the project. I do not allow the outputs I use on the shield. It is possible to connect and control the servo motor to arduino uno. Sorry my english. Thank you


It sounds like you are asking about controlling a servo while using the VNH5019 motor driver shield on your Arduino Uno. Since the Arduino Servo library and the Arduino library for the VNH5019 shield both use timer1 on the Arduino Uno, you will run into conflicts trying to use them together. The solution presented in the “Controlling a servo with an Arduino Uno” section of the Zumo Shield for Arduino User’s Guide of using timer2 for the servo control might be an option for you.