Dual serial motor controller damage


I have bought 4 dual serial motor controllers.
I’ve made the connections like is indicated in the datasheet.
I´ve connected 2 DC 12v 600mA motors. It was working fine for an hour, and suddenly the controller started to smell burned and get very hot. After that it doesn´t work any more.
The last code I ran made the motors change direction at max speed.

Could it be an inductance problem? Should I protect the controller? How?

Hello, Mike.

What do you mean by 600 mA motor? Is that the stall current or the typical current. If it’s the typical current, the stall current is much higher. Even if the 600 mA is the stall current, the current can be even higher if you try to instantaneously reverse the direction. It would therefore help if you could brake for a bit before changing direction.

Also, can you tell if the motor driver is what smoked? You should be able to pull it out of the socket and replace just that if it is the motor driver.

- Jan

Hello Jan,

600mA is the stall current of each motor.
I think the motor driver is what smoked. I will replace the capacitor first because it was damage. If it doesn´t work then I’ll replace motor driver.
I´m using two 12V 700mA gel batteries, is it ok?
Do I have necessary to change the velocity gradually? For example: Can I set the velocity of one motor to 40 for a while and then I change it to 127 with out setting the intermediate values?

Thanks in advance!

If the capacitor broke, too, It makes me think the capacitor is in backwards or you applied power backwards. In general, you don’t have to set intermediate values. However, increasing speed will use more current, so if you are close to the limit, making the speed increases more gradual can help a little.

- Jan